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SPOILER ALERT! – Possible connections to Disney’s Loki ahead.

I am somewhat enchanted by Marvel superheroes. When watching the various movies and/or shows, I am transported to another time and place, no tesseract needed. Because of that, Wednesdays have recently evolved from “hump day” to “can’t wait to get home and see what happens next day”. If only I could speed time up!

A philosophical thought currently going through my mind due to Loki is the idea of what being a variant really means. I question whether it’s a good or bad thing, and why there is a paradox in our human nature to either want to quash that which is different or embrace it by becoming such.

As a talent development professional, it seems I dance within that paradox. On the one hand, we support, document, and train on current procedures just the way they are. On the other hand, we look for ways to do so in different, more engaging ways, and often with completely new methods and resources.

As I reflect on this, I accept that both may be right or wrong depending on the circumstances. Building talent and resources, investing in others, and developing our workforce is full of nuance and “it depends”. I believe talent development and HR professionals are successful in these efforts due to their openness, creativity, and flexibility, even in the face of uncertainty.

Let's remain focused on our mission whether you and/or your organization needs are to remain steady or seek out more innovation. This should be our commitment, wherever our organization falls in the paradox.

In what ways are you proud to be a variant?

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